Moderation Does It

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Marketers in the $4 billion ice cream business, worried about the effect of the revised food pyramid on sales of their classic treats, are showing how they can fit into a better-for-you diet.

Unilever's Good Humor-Breyers recently trotted out registered dietitian Amy Fischl to point out the new USDA guidelines carefully state that foods not lean and ruffage-laden can be eaten within moderation. And when it's a special occasion, or if discretionary calories have been saved up, then "have that scoop of ice cream," she says, touting Breyers' new better-for-you ice cream varieties, among them, CalSmart, HeartSmart and SugarSmart. Well, thank you, Amy.

Nestle's Dreyers' Grand Ice Cream unit last year launched its own better-tasting, better-for-you variety, Dreyers' Slow Churned Grand Light. This year it introduced Dreyers' Dibs, bite-size ice cream snacks that even the USDA would approve, as long as you eat just one.

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