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April 4-6: Jupiter Shopping Forum: Reinventing Retail, Hyatt Regency, Miami. Sponsored by Jupiter Communications, the conference will focus on everything from channel conflict to customer retention and return on investment for portal commerce deals. Speakers include William J. Lansing, president of Fingerhut; Kent Anderson, president of; and Wendy Riches, president, global direct marketing and e-commerce, Hasbro. Call (800) 611-0390 or go to


April 12-16: Spring Internet World '99, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles. Produced by Penton Publishing, the convention will have more than 400 Internet companies showing off their products and services. Keynote speakers include Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks; and Sean Maloney, senior VP-director, sales and marketing group, Intel Corp. Call (800) 500-1959 or go to

April 26-27: Interactive Sports '99 West: Santa Monica, Calif. World Research Group is sponsoring the conference, which will include advertising, e-commerce and technology aspects of online sports., CBS SportsLine, ESPN and Microsoft Corp. are a few of the companies that will be represented. Call (800) 647-7600 or go to

April 26-27: Net-Ready Marketing: Leveraging Competitive Advantage in the Age of Multimedia Progression, Omni Parker House, Boston. Sponsored by the Marketing Institute, a division of the Institute for International Research. Call (888) 670-8200 or go to


May 13-14: Jupiter @Travel Forum: Strategies for Destination-based Commerce, Chicago. Session highlights at the conference include Affinity Portals & Travel, the Evolution of the Supplier/Agency Relationship and Beyond Air Travel: Tours, Vacations Packages, Cruises & More. Call (800) 601-6962 or go to

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