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Jan. 25-26: Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies, Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta. Sponsored by the Institute for International Research, the conference will discuss how to integrate e-mail into a company's marketing initiative. Other topics include how to build and maintain an e-mail list and how to handle privacy issues. Call (888) 670-8200 or e-mail [email protected]

Jan. 25-27: Global Web Site Localization, Grand Hyatt on Union Square, San Francisco. This conference is aimed at top executives wanting to learn more about developing and maintaining an international Web site. Participants include Lycos, Dell Computer Corp., British Airways, Charles Schwab & Co. and Compaq Computer Corp. Call (800) 882-8684 or go to

Jan. 27-28: Online Advertising '99, Targeting the Mainstream Digital Customer, Le Meridien Hotel, New Orleans. Organized by World Research Group, this conference will present research and case studies from companies and institutions including DoubleClick, Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble Co. and Unilever Corp. Topics will include attracting and retaining your target audience, capturing the impulse buy, strengthening your branding ad campaign and calculating ROI. Call (800) 647-7600 or go to


Feb. 16-17: Web-Based Customer Service, Swissotel, Atlanta. Sponsored by the International Quality & Productivity Center, this conference will explore success stories of dealing with customers online. Call (800) 882-8684 or go to


March 1-3: Jupiter Consumer Online Forum, Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York. Sponsored by Jupiter Com-munications, the conference will discuss profitable Internet strategies for mainstream media. Call (800) 414-5952 or go to

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