2013 Opinion Issue

2013 Ads We Loved: See Who Cracked Us Up, Blew Our Minds

Geico, Google Maps, IBM Among Those Who Impressed

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"Hump Day"

The Martin Agency
Did it sell insurance? Who knows? But the goofy spot featuring an office-dwelling camel was the one that had the country demanding others guess what day it is just to shout "Hump Day" in return. And we include ourselves in that number.

"It's Not Complicated"

BBDO, Atlanta and New York
This effort might not have produced a memorable catchphrase, but it pretty much out-cuted any other campaigns run over the last year as Beck Bennett played straight man to precocious tots like "Dizzy Boy" and the "Pickle Roll" kid.

Lowe's on Vine

BBDO, New York
While all the other brands were goofing around with those six-second Vine videos, the home and hardware retailer was using the new form to teach us how to remove rust and take care of stripped screws.


Jello Pudding
Chocolate pudding is the cure for the soul-crushing reality of the daily grind. Grim message, but somehow transformed into a hilarious and charming vignette with the help of a young boy sporting a combover.

"World's Smallest Movie"

Ogilvy & Mather
IBM literally zoomed in on carbon monoxide molecules and used them as pixels in a dot-matrix-style short about a boy named Adam and his pet atom. The technology that the scientists used to make the film is what also helps them compress data into ever-shrinking forms of storage.

"All Is Right"

BBDO, New York
If all was right with the sports world -- and it is in this spot -- Mike Tyson would sheepishly return Evander Holyfield's chewed-off ear, Brett Favre would know when to quit and Dennis Rodman would buy a one-way ticket to North Korea.

"The Epic Split"

Volvo Trucks
Forsman & Bodenfors
One of the most-watched online automotive ads ever touted the Dynamic Steering in Volvo Trucks and featured Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a split while an Enya song played in the background? Mind. Blown.

"Everything's Important"

Leo Burnett, Chicago
We obviously couldn't stop LOLing at the sight of esteemed actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell lending a dramatic flair to everyday texts and calls, especially the one about Ryan, who's apparently the "hottest hotty who ever hottied."

"Homeward Bound"

Google Maps
A short film (and a lengthy Vanity Fair article) relates the tale of Saroo Brierley, who fell asleep on a train in India and woke up lost. After ending up in an Indian orphanage, he was eventually adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later he used Google Earth and Google Maps to finally pinpoint his hometown and find his family.

"Sound of Music" Tweets

Depending on who you ask, NBC's live version of "The Sound of Music" was either charming fun or an abomination. But we can all agree that DiGiorno's cheesy live-tweeting of the ratings smash was hilarious and engaging.

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CORRECTION: AT&T's campaign was previously misidentified as "It's Complicated."

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