Video High Points of the 4As Media Conference

A Recap of Moments That Drove the Event's Buzz

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Mike Shaw, president-sales and marketing for ABC Television, wants a search engine.
Mark Rosenthal, chairman-CEO of Interpublic Media, is surprised at how fragmented the media has become.
Al Gore, now head of Current TV, introduced himself as the guy who 'used to be the next president of the United States.'
'Ad Age' editor Scott Donaton noted that creative ad agencies are 'almost no where to be found' in the branded entertainment space.
Jean Pool, exec VP-chief operating oficer of Universal McCann North America, talked of traditional media companies' 'dirty little secret.'
ORLANDO, Fla. (AdAge.com) -- The just-ended American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference had a number of high points that spread buzz through the corridors and lounges of the Royal Pacific Resort. Here are Ad Age videos of some of the most talked about moments.

Mike Shaw, president-sales and marketing for ABC Television, told the "Media Moguls" panel that the thing ABC would most like to have is a search engine. He suggested that ABC now regrets backing away from its Go.com Internet portal strategy five years ago. Mr. Shaw told the audience he would like a way to provide viewers with search capabilities for the network's programming and an effective means to drive them deeper into on-demand content.

'All need to be creative'
In another insightful moment, Mark Rosenthal, chairman-CEO of Interpublic Media, admitted that the media landscape has become "far more fragmented than anybody really thought it would get." He went on to say the new world of consumer control demanded that ad agencies find ways to bring their business and creative sides closer together. "We all need to be creative," he said.

Perhaps one of the best-remembered moments of the conference was former Vice President Al Gore's introduction of himself as the guy who "used to be the next president of the United States." He now has positioned himself, as the head of Current TV, as the guy who wants to be the next media mogul. Mr. Gore stressed the need to keep the Internet a "free and open" communications market.

Leading a panel entitled "Deconstructing Branded Entertainment," Advertising Age editor Scott Donaton expressed amazement that creative ad agencies had so completely ceded the branded entertainment space to media agencies, which now dominate most of the deals.

'Share the data'
Jean Pool, executive VP-chief operating officer of Universal McCann North America, sent a small lightening bolt through the conference as she chastised traditional media companies for not fully sharing their research data with advertisers and their agencies. "You must share the data or be seen as trying to hide some dirty little secret," she told them.

"The 4As challenge the traditional media to provide full disclosure of all research," she said. "In the end, we want commercial ratings, not program averages. You have had this data for years and years."

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