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Behind the Scenes of Ad Age's Second 40 Years

Longtime Editors and Publisher Discuss 'The Big Bang,' New Coke and Downfall of Tobacco Marketing

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NEW YORK ( -- Last week, in preparation for our 80th anniversary, I had the chance to sit down and pick the brain of three longtime Ad Agers: Rance Crain, editor-in-chief of Advertising Age and son of G.D. Crain, Ad Age's founder; Judy Pollack, Ad Age's managing editor who 25 years ago started as an editorial assistant; and Allison Arden, Ad Age's publisher and a 13-year vet of the brand.

Inspired by a similar video created 40 years ago when Ad Age was just a pup, we dished about the biggest marketing and advertising stories over the last four decades, the role Ad Age has played in them and where we see the brand headed in the future.

"The Big Bang" and Its Effect on Advertising:

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Biggest Marketing Blunder -- and Rupert Murdoch's Bet With Rance Crain:

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The Massive Downfall of Tobacco and Ad Age Takes on Joe Camel:

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"What's Best for Consumers Is Best for Advertisers:"

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