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Quick Cut

Last month in Times Square, animal rights activists defaced a giant Gap billboard so "Everybody in leather" became "Everybody in death." They were making a fuss about the possibility that the Gap gets some of its leather from countries where animals are skinned alive. But let's face it; nothing is more comfortable or stylish than human flesh. Everybody in PETA!

Quick Cut

Turn that shower head to rapid pulse! A Nizoral A-D dandruff shampoo commercial breaks through the "plastic curtain" with a man and woman doing the orgasmic head-lather scene together in the same tub. Here we see the bathing babe indicating the number of rinse-and-repeats she needs to make her scalp tingle. What does the A-D stand for, Nizoral? Adult Discretion?

Quick Cut

What's up with Abercrombie & Fitch? Didn't they used to sell outdoorsy gear for the ramblin' man? Now it appears they sell indoorsy gear for the NAMBLAin' man.

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