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Boeri bike helmets has a great slogan: "It's your head." Yeah, ain't it. Too bad we didn't have one of these babies at our freakin' bris!

Hey, Francis Coppola Rosso, the "Wine for everyday life." Finally, the perfect accompaniment to tete de cheval. Also goes great with rumble fish, don't get hung up on any no-red-with-seafood pretensions.

"He's got nothing on besides a toque and a handkerchief." Yeah, so it's not like he's gonna get arrested, you horrible Pillsbury eunuch-mongers! There he is, staring in eye-popped shock at his painfully deficient triple reflection. You couldn't spare the guy two croutons and a junior breadstick? The poor little bastard hasn't even got a buttcrack, for pity's sake!

Chew on this: Wrigley's Extra gum, Polar Ice flavor, actually messes with your DNA. But who cares? The important thing is, it's sugar-free, with long-lasting flavor! Soon to be available in Chernobyl Cherry, Three Mile Spice Island and Tangy Tokaimura.

"Every award show is absolutely meaningless industry promotion combined with an ego/dysfunction spectacular."

- Jerry Seinfeld

"The problem with focus groups and research is, all you're doing is saying, `Does this go down easy with people?' And I don't think it makes any sense to create work that goes as easily through a person's system as bacon through a duck."

- Dan Wieden

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