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NEW YORK ( -- At the great Martha Stewart-Andrew Robertson waffle off are (above, left) Susan Lyne, president-CEO Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia; O. Burtch Drake, president-CEO of Advertising Week and president of the American Association of Advertising Agencies; Martha Stewart and Andrew Robertson, president-CEO BBDO Worldwide. Above, right are the waffle off judges, Tom Carroll, president TBWA Worldwide; Joann Hill VP-marketing CBS Radio center; and Wenda Harris Millard, chief sales officer Yahoo.

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Above, left are Al Roker, weather personality of 'The Today Show' and host of Stars of Madison Ave, the Business of Celebrities Luncheon (left) and Ron Berger, chairman of Advertising Week and CEO-COO Euro RSCG Worldwide, NY. Above, right, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Tuesday's CBS Radio Presents Radical Connections.

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Above, left, Mark McKinnon, Republican Media Strategist (left) and David Axelrod, Democratic Political consultant. Above, right: Guy Barnett, creative director The Brooklyn Brothers; Teressa Iezzi, editor 'Creativity' magazine; Peter Rosch, creative, Rosch & Hobbs Are Bums; Stephen Rutherford, creative, The Brooklyn Brothers at NOSPOT.

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Above, left are Chuck Ryan executive producer- managing director, Bob Industries (left) and John Noble, director, broadcast operations, Element 79 at NOSPOT. Above, right: John Zieman, editor, PS 260 (left) and Mark Sitley of Beyond Belief.

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