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Advertising Week Tales: Client Tumbles Down Agency's Staircase

And In Surprise Twist, the Shop Actually Won the Business

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Agency folks have some unfavorable tales to share (with names withdrawn, of course) about clients these days. But there was at least one happy-ending story shared at Tuesday's ANA/4A's panel about recent guidelines to help marketers and agencies go through the review process effectively.

During the panel, some of the agency participants were relaying the need to have prospective clients come to visit the office, to get a feel for the agency's culture. Dave Lubeck, executive VP-executive director of client services at Bernstein-Rein, surprised the audience with the story of one client--he wouldn't divulge the marketer--who visited the shop only to suffer a painful fall.

Mr. Lubeck said that as part of one particular dog-and-pony show, the agency greeted the potential clients at a large staircase. Only this time, one of the prospective clients took a nasty tumble down the stairs, in full view of all the staff, and injured herself. Naturally, Bernstein-Rein figured this was the part where the agency would be thrown out of the review. But even though "she hurt her leg," the agency still won the business, said Mr. Lubeck.

We weren't able to determine just who the person was, but if you have any ideas, send them our way, as we'd like to give he or she an award.

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