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Here's What Gawker Thinks of Advertising Week

'An Effort To Let Itself Know That It Is Appreciated'

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Every once in a great while, Gawker writers are permitted to spend a few minutes away from their laptops. Hamilton Nolan took the opportunity to take a field trip to Advertising Week -- and came away from it feeling like he had just eaten a big piece of "shit and sugar pie."

Nolan dropped into a few panels during the course of the week-long event in New York, and came away unimpressed with the industry's tendency to celebrate itself. "The ad industry has all of the big budgets of Hollywood and all the manic news focus of the media, but, unlike those industries, nobody goes out of their way to congratulate ad people on all of their hard work," he wrote. "So the industry must constantly congratulate itself. Advertising takes a backseat to no one in the sheer number of annual awards ceremonies and self-focused conferences it showers upon itself, in an effort to let itself know that it is appreciated."

Funny. Nolan also wasn't impressed with the ad industry's weak approach to diversity and multicultural marketing, even -- or maybe especially -- after checking out a panel discussing multicultural marketing budgets as they pertain to Walmart.

At one point, keeping to the day's theme, Pereira noted that "One hundred percent of retail growth is coming from multicultural customers... and we are putting our dollars behind" advertising to them. At this, the moderator interjected, "Alright!" drawing scattered applause throughout the room.

Applause for what? Have the non-white people of America been so neglected for so long that the mere acquiescence of a business to make money off them deserves a raucous cheer? The answer is yes."

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