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Creativity Innovators 2015: Deutsch, L.A.

Shop Had One of Most Diverse Portfolios of the Bunch

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Deutsch L.A. had one of the most diverse portfolios on this year's innovator's list, with excellent work that included the world's first Snapchat movie, a restaurant redesign, a brand's website overhaul and excellent TV spots and film.

The agency broke Taco Bell into the breakfast market by hijacking "Ronald McDonald" to endorse its new line of food. It scoured the nation for real world people bearing the name of Mickey D's famous clown and captured them singing the praises of Taco Bell a.m. offerings, generating tons of media buzz -- even a charming social media response from its Golden Arches rival (an image of Ronald the clown petting the Taco Bell chihuahua).

Deutsch continued innovating for the fast feeder with the first ever Snapchat movie to generate buzz for the fourth iteration of the now familiar Doritos Locos Taco and a modern day redesign of a Greenwood, Ohio outlet. To introduce the restaurant's new $1 cravings menu, the agency created a promotion that promised 11 customers Taco Bell for life, if they found dollar bils containing specific serial numbers. The campaign earned the fast feeder more buzz, but unfortunately, no one ultimately scored the endless tacos.

For HTC, the agency tapped actor Gary Oldman to spout gibberish, in a rare advertising appaernce. The point was that no matter what he said to pimp the phone, smart consumers would turn to the internet to help them decide what to buy, and presumably, land on HTC anyway.

The agency produced more interesting work for Volkwagen as well, including an overhaul of that gave the site a more people-focused interface, with a design that could be likened to a dating site. For client, Deutsch also created a super useful digital tool that helped drivers save on gas. "Fuelcaster" asked users to input a ZIP code, and the mobile-optimized site would then give them the lowest current prices of up to 10 nearby gas stations, along with the recommendation on whether they should "buy" or "wait" -- that is, if they' weren't already running on empty.

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