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Creativity Innovators of the Year 2015: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland

Agency Brought Its A-Game Once Again

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Where do you go after larger-than-life characters like The Man Your Man Can Smell LIke and Terry Crews? Wieden & Kennedy Portland proved it could bring even more freshness to Old Spice with an unlikely new spokesperson -- mom. The agency seemed to come out of nowhere with the ridiculously funny "Momsong," featuring son-stalking mothers singing an '80s-style ballad -- an innovative way to target an unexpected market for the brand's body spray. It followed with another equally comedic spot in which dads chime in.

Moms also played a big role, once again, in the agency's Olympics work for P&G. A worthy follow-up to the Emmy-winning "Best Job in the World," the new ad was another emotional heavy-hitter and showed mothers picking their kids up whenever they would fall -- an important role especially when your kid's on the way to becoming an Olympian.

For the World Cup, the agency followed its award-winning "Write the Future" campaign for Nike with the bold "Risk Everything" integrated push, which included a heart-pulsing anthem directed by Jonathan Glazer and another high-octane ad in which a boys' pickup game becomes a big league showdown when the kids imagine themselves as football stars. The agency followed with another big production spot, "The Last Game," an ambitious animated tale about a world of the future in which risk-taking players are replaced by more dependable clones. The risk-takers, or "originals," however ultimately secure the fate of football by vanquishing their predictable competitors in a final, big match.

The agency created one of the ads that generated plenty of talk during the Super Bowl, for Coca-Cola. It featured the many, multi-cultural faces of the U.S., coupled with a track of kids singing "America is Beautiful" in seven different languages, including Tagalog, Hindi and Senegalese The ad's 90-second version went on to run at the Sochi Olympics.

W&K Portland proved it was up to snuff for an unexpected category, weight loss, with a surprisingly poignant yet funny new campaign for Weight Watchers, which launched with a whimsical ad that twisted the classic children's tune "If You're Happy and You Know It" into a more depressing observation about struggling with food.

On the digital side, W&K Portland went on to devise a super smart way to promote Sony Xperia phones and its waterproof-feature: it created a series of mobile games that could be played only when the phones were submerged in water.

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