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Creativity Innovators: Anomaly

Cute Budweiser Puppies, Jude Law for Johnnie Walker and Converse Sneaker Portraits

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Anomaly continued to prove this year that it can deliver engaging and alluring creative work for big brands, including Budweiser's final puppy spot that became the Super Bowl's most shared ad across social media. "Best Buds" captured viewers' imagination with the story of a cute pup from the previous year's spot getting into peril. Director Jake Scott and the music – a cover of The Proclaimers' "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" – help to make the story affecting.

The agency also teamed with Scott on a second piece of branded content for Johnnie Walker, starring Jude Law, who drives a vintage car all the way to Monaco as a bet -- a stylish campaign that benefits much from Law's charm and the glamorous locations.

Creative work for Dick's Sporting Goods brought an emotional resonance to the retailer's brand by highlighting the perseverance of amateur athletes -- and hard-working moms. Its "Who Will You Be?", campaign zeroed in on key moments where people must choose what kind of athletes they will be. In each beautifully shot ad, the camera came in closer as they seized an opportunity or made a decision.

Anomaly also turned crowdsourcing into a real art form for Converse with its "Made by You" campaign, inspired by the thousands of photos of Chuck Taylors that are shared by fans of the sneaker. The agency encouraged consumers to share their own sneaker portraits, and created 200 portraits of worn and customized Chucks from around the world, including some from notable fans like Patti Smith and Andy Warhol.

A TV spot featured stories from different owners, while a Google Cardboard virtual reality experience allowed people to "step into the shoes" of Chucks wearers including an artist, an actress and a musician. Over 10,000 fans spontaneously shared their own versions of the "Made by You" portraits as a result; Converse shared these on a Tumblr.

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