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Creativity Innovators: Deeplocal

Ingenious Neflix Hacks, Google Photos' Food Truck and More

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Pittsburgh-based Deeplocal sealed its reputation as an innovation specialist in 2015, particularly with its outstanding work for Netflix.

Based on the insight that people's love of watching Netflix leads to devoted rituals, it developed the "MakeIt" campaign, which comprised a series of working gadgets that address what people really want out of a custom watching experience. The first project came in the form of The Netflix Switch, a hack that turns on your TV & brings you right to Netflix, dims the lights, silences your phone, and even orders your favorite food with just one button. It was important that the gadget be real and that fans could build their own, so DIY instructions on served as a guide. Fans were encouraged to suggest further products, and in December Deeplocal developed an ingenious pair of socks that pauses your show if you fall asleep.

Work for Google similarly helped bring a digital brand into the physical world. The Google Pay With a Photo Truck highlighted the search functionality of Google Photos by asking people to find a specific photo on their phone in 20 seconds and rewarding them with free food if they could. The truck toured New York, L.A., Portland and Austin; thousands participated and the campaign gained over 25M social media impressions.

For Halloween, Deeplocal "planted" a pumpkin patch for Google in Times Square, allowing visitors to pose with pumpkins and see their photos displayed on an electronic billboard while some were randomly selected to their photos carved into gourds.

Meanwhile to promote the first Google Retail "shop-in-shop" in London, the agency developed the "Doodle Wall," based on Google's daily "Doodle for its homepage logo. Store guests could use a physical spray can to paint on a digital wall, primed with Google's logo. When their Doodle was finished, they could generate an animated GIF.

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