Agency A-List 2016

Creativity Innovators: R/GA

Dancing Skeletons, a Smart Baby Monitor and More

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Who knew that R/GA, an agency historically known for its digital innovation, would end up creating one of the most emotionally stirring ads of the year? Ad Council's "Love Has No Labels," created with the backing of top marketers such as P&G, Unilever, Coke and Pepsi, successfully tapped into the zeitgeist with a film about love transcending barriers. Skeletons showing affection appeared on an x-ray style screen, and when their "bodies" emerged from behind, they turned out to be couples of the same sex, different ethnicities, mixed race families and different religions.

The ad was a viral hit that was shared by the likes of Michelle Obama and eeven inspired the main creative theme of YouTube's own review of the year, which paid homage to the skeletons throughout.

The agency kept up its reputation as a technological innovator with the invention of smart baby monitor Owlet, which earned the nod as one of Engadget's Best of CES. The invention is a simple baby sock that brings parents peace of mind as their little one sleeps at night. It includes wearable and removable electronics that use the safe, reliable hospital technology of Pulse Oximetery to measure the oxygen saturation in infants' blood and to detect heart rates. The wearable monitor easily and wirelessly transmits the baby's vital signs to a smartphone app.

The agency conceived another clever tech innovation in the Hammerhead One, an intelligent navigation device that effortlessly guides cyclists along the safest and best bicycle routes. The project involved crowdsourcing the world's most accurate and up-to-date maps, and then safely communicating them to cyclists in real-time. Also in the realm of cycling, R/GA helped conceive "The Pursuit," a tech-driven, immersive cycling experience for Equinox that leveraged gaming ideology, real-time data and community spirit.

Other strong work included a humorous launch campaign for members-only shopping site, in which consumers' minds explode into clouds of purple smoke when they hear about Jet's savings. The goal was to find a different tone of voice for to distinguish it from competitors such as Amazon and Costco.

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