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Creativity Innovators: Wieden & Kennedy Portland

Agency of the Year Runner-Up Created Work to Fall in Love With

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Wieden & Kennedy Portland in 2015 proved once again that it was best in the business at doing one important thing: it created work that we could fall in love with, over and over again. Our Agency of the Year Runner-Up continued to solidify Nike's reputation as not just a power sports player, but an epic storyteller with more brilliant ads such as "Last," celebrating the imperfect journey of struggling marathoners.

But that was just one of the shop's many Nike gems from the year. We had a blast watching the the fantastic "Snow Day," which showed how superjocks have fun when a blizzard hits and "Short a Guy," a throwback to feel-good Nike of yesteryear, about a young boy who stumbles onto a basketball pick-up game ends up taking a celebrity-studded athletic journey.

On a more inspirational note, there was also "Ripple," about how the career of one athletic giant, Tiger Woods, could jumpstart that of another, Rory McIlroy and the lighthearted "Inner Thoughts," about the quirky thoughts women have while working out.

The shop also delivered fresh approaches in unexpected categories, like food. We looked at Yoplait in a whole new way thanks to spittingly funny ads featuring manly man Dominic Purcell eating the yogurt with a tiny spoon and explaining how Yoplait feels like a "fluffy fluffy cloud" in his mouth.

Wieden also brought new client KFC into a new era with a campaign starring multiple "Real" Colonel Sanders, played by Darrell Hammond and Norm Macdonald. The effort also took us through a history of the Colonel in an online component that also featured a fun 8-bit video game that revealed suprising tidbits about the founder's colorful history.

Perhaps most impressively, the agency dared to innovate in unexplored terrain -- like Minecraft. For Verizon W&K dove into the popular video game and created a working mobile phone on which players could take selfies and order pizza in the real world. The idea was part of the brand's "Better Matters" campaign, designed to enrich users' lives by improving the connections that matter to them.

For Old Spice, it invited Twitch viewers to control a real human on a "Nature Adventure." The agency was also up to its usual comedic antics for the latter and engaged the brand's super hunks Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews in an epic face-off.

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