Agency A-List 2018

Production Company A-List 2018: Partizan

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The venerable Michel Gondry dominated Partizan's reel this year, with work including this year's John Lewis ad, the most high profile advertising "event" of the U.K. year.

While opinions were mixed about the farting "Moz the Monster," Gondry definitely delighted with "The Detour" for Apple, a charming tale of a tricycle separated from its owners that makes its way around France. He used the opportunity to pay playful homage to classics of French cinema, like Jacques Tati and Albert Lamorisse, while showing off the many features of the iPhone.

Gondry also brought a touch of magic to delivery networks in a spot for FedEx that saw packages making their way out of an airport and around the world.

Elsewhere,Michael Gracey not only directed the Oscar-nominated Hugh Jackman movie "The Greatest Showman," he helmed a live trailer for the film that aired during Fox's musical "A Christmas Story Live!"--with many viewers preferring the trailer to the show itself.

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