Dawn McCarthy and Laura Fegley, Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York

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They used to be a team at Merkley Newman Harty, where not only did they work on Mercedes-cars are a rare jewel in any female team's creative crown-but they got some killer spots produced. After three years there, they jumped to Cliff Freeman, where they run the DSW Shoe Warehouse account and are now also working on promos for Sex and the City on TBS and the newly acquired Sports Authority business.

What was the genesis of DSW? We worked on DSW while we were both home over the holidays, so we each went to the closest DSW and observed the extremely odd animal-like behaviors of shoe-shopping women. This campaign came so easily because there's so much truth in it. Women are fucking crazy when it comes to shoe shopping.

What were your first impressions of each other? McCarthy: For anyone who's met Laura, they know that the speed at which she talks is up there with the FedEx guy. So when we first talked, I was a little intimidated, or maybe just confused. But we worked all that out, now I tape record everything she says and play it back later at a slower speed. It's worked out well. Fegley: Dawn had really great shoes.

What are your creative inspirations? McCarthy: We both seem to find a lot of inspiration in monkeys. Movies, books, TV and art are also very useful.

What's the best thing about your partner? McCarthy: She's highly conscious about staying on brief and also has a design sense better than most art directors I know. She also has a skirt with a bunny tail on the butt. I highly respect that. Fegley: Dawn is a perfectionist with a great eye for detail.

What's the most annoying thing? McCarthy: She chews ice. Fegley: Dawn is a perfectionist with a great eye for detail.

How do you characterize the differences/similarities between you? McCarthy: We're both here to do great work. But I tend to wear earthy colors, while Laura wears lots of reds, pinks and greens. Fegley: We're both very stubborn, but we trade off being the stubborn one. It's good cop/bad cop, but without the polyester pants and the interrogation room.

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