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Coors infiltrated pop culture last year thanks to the work of these three, the masterminds behind the unforgettable "Wingman" spot. Directed by Baker Smith, the commercial entertained as it illustrated, through clever song lyrics and hilarious performances, the power of male camaraderie, especially during the dance floor dating rituals. Although we can't tell which one of the team would actually be the Wingman, they're all Mavericks in our book. Between them, they've also crafted other charmers like Coors' "Guy Anthem," and hilarious campaigns for DirecTV and Mitsubishi.

So tell us about Wingman. Kadin: Wingman is just one of a couple dozen ideas we presented to Coors that was built around our strategic idea of "The Brotherhood of Guy." Each spot within the campaign brought to life a different "guy insight" built around one guy or a group of guys all looking out for each other. Once we had a list of these insights, we started to create lyrics around them. Elm: A lot of "Wingman" came from my own bachelor days. The spot probably should have been filmed at Florentine Gardens in Hollywood. My buddy Mike Yang was the perennial wingman for me. Now I'm married with kids and he's still single and gets more women now than I ever got.

Any interesting details about the lyrics or music? We started by writing the song as a poem. With the help of our creative director, Eric Hirshberg, who moonlights as a musician, we worked on what the musical sound should be. The simple use of an acoustic guitar brought the best balance-rock without being too serious, yet not cheesy. It worked. You can Google Coors+Wingman and find about a hundred sites where people have posted the lyrics and guitar chords on their web page.

So what was the main goal for the client? Ron Askew, the Chief Marketing Officer at Coors, wanted commercials that 21-28 year old beer drinkers would talk about and proudly say, "Yeah, Coors Light gets me, that's my beer". Commercials that would be among the top ads of the year. It's safe to say the client was pleased with the results, so pleased that we just finished the "Wingman" follow up, "Wingdog," which will air on the final episode of Friends.

Do you have an advertising philosophy? Kadin: Try and create advertising that is honest, strategically sound, helps sell your clients product and doesn't make the consumer think he just wasted thirty seconds of his life watching it. Elm: Once in a while people will see an ad and say, "genius." Not exactly. Geniuses cure cancer and put things on other planets. We just find stuff in different parts of society and combine them, or recreate them. Advertising's not genius. It's ingenious.

Which of you would most likely beat Donny Deutsch in a push up contest?

It all depends on who Donny hires to do the push ups for him.

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