Steve Sage, Steve Driggs and Ryan Peck, Fallon/Minneapolis

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The trio seen here are the twisted minds behind one of the year's most surprising commercial hits, the Citi "Identity Theft" campaign, which hilariously illustrates a dry, even potentially scary banking issue, via a clever conceit that pairs voice-overs of ID burglars with the bodies of their unknowing victims. The three have worked together in various configurations over the last six years and between them, have generated an impressive body of work that includes Citi's "Live Richly" campaign and spots for Lee and BMW.

Can you describe the genesis of "Identity Theft"? The assignment was to talk about how Citi protects people from identity theft and helps them repair the damage if it happens. Citi didn't want to scare people so the door was open to do something funny. After we sat and thought about it and what the criminals actually do-stealing people's identity-the lip sync idea occurred to us and seemed simple and, if done right, funny. The first thing we did was to cast for voices and, once we captured the personality of the criminal, we (director Kevin Thomas and us) looked for the best and funniest actors that contrasted the voice. Finally, in the editing stage, with Andre (Betz) we just made certain that it was as funny as possible.

Any bad experiences on the campaign? Not being able to fit the line "This darn thong keeps bunching up" in the "Outfit" spot.

What are your key differences and similiarities? Driggs: Ryan doesn't come from advertising so he has a totally unique look at things. In general, we all agree what is funny and go with it. We're cut from the same cloth. And unfortunately that cloth is gingham.

What's the best thing about your partners? Driggs: They keep things light. Sage is a bulldog. He gets things done. Peck: They get it and it's rare when we're not all cracking up.

Sage: They're always complimenting me on my pant suits.

What's the most annoying thing? Driggs: I always end up drinking them under the table. Sage: The cursing. Peck: The Steves habitually forget to heat up the baby oil before my 3 o'clock rubdown.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 10 years? Driggs: In Utah. Sage: Baron von Steve Sage Peck: Finally emerging victorious in my lifelong battle with dry skin.

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