Leo Burnett USA

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2005 Rating: 3 stars

THE ESSENCE: Leo Burnett USA President Rich Stoddart made keeping the Army a priority. He failed. Whether he and CEO Tom Bernardin can keep the agency on track for an incipient recovery in spite of that loss is the big question in `06. Besides Army, Burnett lost the $75 million Morgan Stanley business. Mr. Stoddart has some things going for him. The U.S. office was part of a global network team that stole the $200 million Samsung global branding job from WPP Group, capping a series of small to midsize wins going back to 2004. It closed 2005 with the $100 million Washington Mutual account win. Mr. Stoddart also tapped agency veteran John Condon as top creative, succeeding Cheryl Berman.

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