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Agency A-List: 3. Crispin Porter & Bogusky

Jeff Hicks, CEO

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The relocation of a large chunk of Crispin Porter & Bogusky from Miami to new digs in Boulder, Colo., did nothing to dull the impact of the most-talked-about shop in the land.

Jeff Hicks
Shop at best when edgy as in VW spots
No big wins, but sharp Haggar, 'Man Law' ads

There were no blockbuster account wins in 2006, but Crispin's oeuvre was a boundary-pushing, divisive and at times upsetting spring of creativity in a desert world of bland marketing. Crispin is at its best when it offends. Volkswagen Jetta ads that put the viewer smack dab in a violent car crash were jarring and effective messages on the vehicle's safety. A provocative campaign for new client Haggar stars a pair of crusty everymen, Red and Pete, who in one episode smear dog crap in a yuppie's hand. Much less shocking but still engaging is Crispin's "Man Law" program for Miller Lite, which moves seamlessly from TV to the internet.

As a business, Crispin is a true master of its own domain, shunning time sheets and competitive pitches. Its stable leadership has also been active in forging innovative compensation deals that reward the agency for more than just its time. A prime example: Crispin took an equity stake in Haggar Clothing Co. when the ailing marketer signed up with the agency.
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