JetBlue: an America's Hottest Brands Case Study

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In the airline industry, few have been as progressive with their use of the web and social media as JetBlue. The Forest Hills, N.Y.-based budget carrier has always relied heavily on the web for customer bookings, and has been ahead of the curve with its use of e-mail and social-media venues such as Twitter for informing customers on everything from delays to fare prices.

But with the launch of its JetBlue Cheeps, designed solely for the purpose of tweeting limited-time offer deals, JetBlue has made Twitter a significant weapon.

With 1.4 million followers on its original Twitter page, JetBlue has more followers than any other airline. And in just over three months, JetBlue Cheeps has more than 38,000 followers. "We noticed that our main Twitter page was working very well," said Tara Carson, manager-consumer promotions at JetBlue. "And we wanted to evolve that account into a Cheeps page where we could really communicate special deals and offers."

The company is seeking ways to "refresh" its marketing tactics and expand its footprint in the social-media realm. "For our business model, it just makes sense being that we continue to focus on driving traffic to," she said.

Tara Carson
Tara Carson, manager-consumer promotions, JetBlue
Ms. Carson wouldn't divulge the number of ticket sales the site has helped generate but she said, "We are absolutely selling tickets" through the Cheeps page. You don't have to be a follower to take advantage of the offers, which they post once a week on Tuesdays and are available until 6 P.M. that day or until all of the available tickets are sold. The offers link to a landing page that highlights exactly where the Cheeps are located within the route system and on what dates.

Cheeps is also serving as a customer- service tool designed to give customers a voice. "That's the unique aspect of Cheeps," Ms. Carson said. "Consumers tell us what they're looking for and what they like. We pay attention and try to deliver back to the consumer deals that are the most attractive."

Ms. Carson isn't sure where Cheeps will go but definitely sees it playing a bigger role. "Cheeps is growing and it's important for us to continue to play with it," she said.

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