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Also See Verizon's Jerri DeVard Critique Current Ad Practices

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Jim Stengel lights up the stage with a new P&G/Gillette product.
Jerri DeVard, Verizon senior VP-brand management and marketing communications, emptied the audience's pockets to make her point.
Joe Tripodi, chief marketing officer of Allstate uged the audience of marketing execs to 'take a risk.'
PHOENIX ( -- Procter & Gamble's global marketing chief, Jim Stengel, lighted up the stage at the Association of National Advertisers conference when he dramatically introduced the first joint P&G/Gillette product. He address included his first public comments on the Gillette acquisition.

Empty your pockets
Jerri DeVard, senior VP-brand management and marketing communications at Verizon, asked the audience to empty its pockets to make a point: that the future belongs to brands best able to travel to wherever the consumer is moving.

Ms. DeVard's remarks were some of the meeting's most eloquent even as they were gently critical of current marketing industry practices. "As we face uncertain ad-supported futures, it's time we ask ourselves how are we going to jump in and give consumers fresh reasons to consider our brands?" she said. "Do we need yet another agency to create yet another new campaign? Is it by overpaying for placement in a new reality show?"

Take a risk
Joe Tripodi, chief marketing officer, Allstate, chided corporate marketers for trying too hard to placate top management rather than convincing them that the new media landscape demanded dramatic new strategies for marketing communications.

"We can not, as a marketing discipline, as a serious function in corporations, continue to offer up a lot of bs to senior management and think that we are going to build credibility," he said. "We are in a time of unprecedented change. It's time to experiment."

'Measuring everything'
He noted that "we've got marketers running around measuring everything" rather than focusing on the not-exactly-definable process of inventing effective new communications methods.

He told the audience of top corporate executives that it is time to take risks and "accelerate the transformation" of the marketing process.

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