ANA Annual Meeting 2015

ANA Masters of Marketing: Dana Anderson of Mondelez, '800-Pound Gorilla Living in a Unicorn World'

Mondelez CMO on the Power of Learning from Startups

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Dana Anderson, senior VP-Chief Marketing Officer, Mondelez International, is finding new ways to navigate a changing marketing world at a packaged goods company that, as she puts it, is "an 800-pound gorilla living in a unicorn world."

For Mondelez, that means finding fresh ways to work and, ultimately, to grow. For example, the snack maker's marketing arm realized its Oreo brand had 130 projects going on around the world, but many were duplicative. Ultimately, it found it could do the same work with 80 projects, and not lose anything in the process.

Mondelez also looks outside its organization for inspiration. Ms. Anderson spoke with Ad Age at the 2015 ANA Masters of Marketing conference about what older, larger companies can learn from startups.

"Their sphere and their lens is different than our folks' and for them, anything is possible, Our people, our teams, learn that when you get out of the house and share with other people your challenges, they can help you find solutions you never thought of before. So it's a great exchange."

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