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In the words of the auto executives themselves, what makes ...

A Buick a Buick?

"Premium, yet attainable with quality leadership."

Gary Cowger, ex-president-North America, General Motors Corp.

A Mercury a Mercury?

"The essence of Mercury is modern design, smartly done."

Darryl Hazel, president, Lincoln Mercury Division, Ford Motor Co.

A Chrysler a Chrysler?

"Passionate, refinement, athletic and expressive."

Jeff Bell, VP-Chrysler brand, DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group

A Saab a Saab?

"Three things: beautiful Swedish design, driver-in-control performance and surprising versatility."

Debra Kelly-Ennis, former president-chief operating officer, Saab Cars USA

A Jaguar a Jaguar?

"Jaguar is about beautiful, fast cars with silky smooth performance, always with a bit of a feline look so it looks like it's going fast standing still."

Mark Fields, chairman-Premier Automotive Group, Ford Motor Co.

A Toyota a Toyota?

"First and foremost it has to be quality and it has to provide value."

Jim Lentz, group VP-general manager, Toyota Division of Toyota Motor Sales USA

A Mazda a Mazda?

"Every Mazda has a little bit of Miata in it-the soul of a sports car."

Jim O'Sullivan, president-CEO, Mazda North American Operations

A Volkswagen a Volkswagen?

"Dynamic German driving experience, plus cool styling."

Len Hunt, VP, Volkswagen of America


"BMW is the advocate for the driver. Our cars welcome drivers and passengers alike, but every important decision about the design, function and level of equipment is based on: If the driver were making this decision himself or herself, what decision would they make?"

James McDowell, former VP-marketing, BMW of North America now taking over Mini

A Kia a Kia?

"Industry-leading value. We offer more cars with more content than competitors. Also quality and safety."

Peter Butterfield, president-CEO, Kia Motors America

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