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More Radio Lions for Bud's 'Real Men,' but Snickers Grabs Grand Prix

Aussie Shop Clemenger BBDO Takes Top Prize for 'Hoedown'

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CANNES ( -- It's become an annual franchise -- another year, more Radio Lions for Budweiser's "Real Men of Genius."
Listen to the two-minute winning Snickers radio spot from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia.

The 10 spot campaign for the Anheuser-Busch brand from DDB, Chicago, followed consecutive Grand Prix wins in 2005 and 2006 with a Gold this time, but was overshadowed by "Hoedown," a two-minute rib-ticklin' foot-stomper for Snickers from Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, that earned top honors today on the strength of both its heavy entertainment value and brand message.

Tapirs, Gary Busey and VX nerve gas
"Hoedown" features "Dry Bones"-ish lyrics about a ridiculously hungry hick and is filled with banjo and fiddle music and a constant stream of humorous references -- tapirs, Gary Busey and VX nerve gas are among the list of things the gent is so hungry he eats. He turns the song over to his friend, who ruins the cycle by saying he's so hungry he could eat a Snickers and leaves it at that.

The jury deliberated over three hours on the Grand Prix choice, with "Hoedown" vying with a three-spot campaign for Geronimo Condoms from Grey South Africa. The jury decided the Snickers work was more loyal to the specific product. Geronimo could have been replaced by any other condom brand, the jurors said, with the same result -- a mixture of titillation and a slightly icky feeling. The spots feature vivid, deadpan descriptions of, for example, your parents having sex, driving home the message, "If you don't have a Geronimo Condom you'll need to do something to put yourself off sex."

"We were trying to find out if the Grand Prix was going to be given to a really new approach to a category or was going to be given to a radio ad that was made up of the typical cliches," said juror Fernando Cornicelli, president and general creative director of Cornicelli Publicidad in Argentina. "[Snickers has] a song that everybody knows, the humor that everybody understands, but in the end is really for the brand. It was made for a category, sweets, the brand and every single condom can be used for [Geronimo]."

But will the Real Men ever end their domination?

'Real Men' still refreshing
"Some would say that it's gone away a little bit, but the fact is it still made us laugh, it's still refreshing, we still look forward to listening to it," said jury chairman David Guerrero, chairman and chief creative officer at BBDO Guerrero Ortega in the Philippines. "One observation was they entered too many, potentially they could have entered six, but we still salute those Real Men of Genius and DDB, Chicago -- I think it will continue, it's like the Economist, it will be with us for a long time. They set the bar high and kept us alive through the dark days of hardly anything to listen to."

Combos extension of its "Man Mom" campaign from TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York, also took Gold, along with work for Senokot laxative, which launches into epic stories of struggle and difficulty -- cheekily titled "Stowaway," "Enemy at the Gate" and "Captain's Log" -- that can be assuaged by the product.

Regarding Combos as well as Young & Rubicam, Chicago's Bronze-winning work for Miller, Guerrero said work that hadn't aired on TV originally was more distinguished. "There's almost a desire in radio to award what's best in radio first, as opposed to what was a TV idea," Guerrero said.
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