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VIDEO: The Creative Disconnect at Cannes Festival

Bob Garfield Interviews Lee Clow

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NEW YORK ( -- TWBA/Chiat/Day chairman and chief creative officer Lee Clow is so fed up with the way the Cannes Lions International ad festival deals with non-TV creative work that he explored the launch of a rival event to be called the Communication Arts Festival. And while that effort has since petered out, the personal sense of frustration that drove it has only increased, Mr. Clow explained in this interview with Ad Age columnist Bob Garfield.

"It's very hard to figure out how you can create simple award shows around these more complicated media ideas," he said. "But it's one of the big challenges of our business.

"Until creative people really believe that they can get as lauded and recognized doing a brilliant kind of interactive discovery idea rather than a TV spot, they're still going to concentrate on doing the cool [TV spots]."

"Trying to change [Cannes] is going to be like pulling teeth. But if a new show could open and figure out a way to celebrate the new [kinds of creative work], it could become a role model, and the other shows would have a model to evolve to," he said.

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