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Cannes Diary: Chloe Gottlieb, R/GA

Digital Creative Pulls the Curtain on the Deliberations Behind the Cyber Cannes Lions

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9:30 a.m. After 6 days of healthy discussion, tonight we will announce the Cyber Lions the #cyberjury has selected from among the entries. The first thing we voted on as a group was our twitter hashtag, to share general impressions of our experiences outside the jury room, in real-time.

10:30 a.m. #cyberjury discussing the strongest work among the Young Lions entries.

One of the bright spots of the Cannes Festival is getting to hang out with the Young Lions and be inspired by their energy and talent. Young Lions Karen Gereffi, R/GA, and Carla Ballecer, R/GA, await decisions on the Cannes Young Lions competition

10:45 a.m. What it feels like to be the winner of the Young Lions competition

11:05 a.m. Only minutes away from meeting the press. The president of our jury, Jeff Benjamin, CP&B, prepares thoughts on emerging themes, big and small, from 2009.

11:15 a.m. We sit down to meet the press. We know it is important that the awards we have chosen convey game-changing ideas that inspire people to do work that matters.

11:30 a.m. The #cyberjury president kicks off the discussion with emerging themes from our debates in the jury room:

Highlights include:
  • Magical quality of technology that is so seamless it becomes invisible to the eye
  • Digital experiences manifesting themselves in the real world
  • Shift from static to real-time experiences
  • Agencies helping brands create relevant dialog with their customers
  • Amazing sense of invention in the work and our industry
  • Importance of putting technology and interaction design at the center of the creative process with art direction and copy

11:45 a.m. Our view of the journalists in the audience during the press conference. We are asked why we are selecting only 2 Grand Prix and not 3 this year, to which we explain that the work determined the number of prizes.

1 p.m. Fellow #cyberjury member, Yuki Kishi, Dentsu/Tokyo, HUMBLY shares one of his team's entries from 2009. The iPhone Book is one of many entries that demonstrate digital/physical convergence. I can imagine what it would mean for my three-year-old to experience her favorite picture books enhanced with animations from her favorite toy (my iPhone).

4 p.m. The sound of the vuvuzuela is far-reaching. Soccer fans gather and take a break from seminars. England makes it through.

8:30 p.m. I was unprepared for the magnitude of the Award Show. It's amazing to see the people behind the work we've been discussing all week. The response from the crowd is a good indication that the #cyberjury selected a strong list.

Kudos to all the winners and a special shout-out to the two Cyber Lions Grand Prix:

W&K Portland for Nike "Chalkbot"

DDB Stockholm for VW "Fun Theory"

3 a.m. The music is blasting on the beach to the delight of creatives from around the world. It's been a wild and wonderful ride. Thanks for sharing part of it with me. good night.

Chloe Gottlieb is VP-exec creative director of interaction design at R/GA. She tweets at @chloalo.
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