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More Cannes Predictions: Creatives From the U.K., Italy and U.S. Choose Their Favorites

Droga 5's 'Decoded,' T-Mobile's 'Welcome Back' and Arcade Fire's 'Wilderness Downtown' Make the Lists

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Everyone raves about Wieden & Kennedy's "Old Spice Responses" video campaign, but creatives came up with a few other favorites to win big at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity , including almost anything involving Google.

In part two of Ad Age 's Cannes predictions, four creatives -- a team from the U.K., an executive creative director from Milan, and a digital agency's Miami-based worldwide chief creative officer -- sound off about their favorite work from around the world and what they would like to see less of in Cannes.

Ben Tollett and Emer Stamp
Ben Tollett and Emer Stamp

Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett
Joint creative directors
Adam & Eve, London

"Nike Write the Future." After all, it's done very well everywhere else. [Social media] was a pretty powerful tool for the Middle East protestors. Any social-marketing campaign pales by comparison.

U.K. favorites:
T-Mobile's "Welcome Back" at Heathrow [the latest flash-mob dance party in a transit hub by Saatchi & Saatchi, London] and French Connection's "The Man" and "The Woman" [parallel campaigns, each playing subversively with classic gender stereotypes, by Fallon , London].

What would you like to see less of ?
Those nasty little mauve stinger jellyfish that hang out in the sea around Cannes. Little blighters.

Cristiana Boccassini
Cristiana Boccassini

Christiana Boccassini
Executive creative director
Publicis, Milan

Campaigns with a strong strategy and innovative media are the ones that are going to be successful. I'm thinking about the "Old Spice Response" campaign and [Droga 5's] Bing with Jay Z in "Decoded." I also like the "WWF Save As," a very simple but very impactful idea showing what each of us can do for the environment. In the film category, Volkswagen's "The Force" [by Deutsch] is a really well done TV commercial considering the relatively low budget they had to produce it.

What's the best use of social media you've seen?
I find the "Demo Slam" campaign [recruiting the general public to show off Google technologies] for Google [Creative Lab] excellent. It's been able to generate content through its users and hard sell at the same time.

Favorites from the region:
From Europe I have seen two really interesting projects [by Leo Burnett]: one from Portugal, "First Class for All" [in which economy airline passengers got first-class meal service in a promotion for Lidl discount supermarkets], and one from Spain, "Mr. Lee's Tailor Shop" [that creates superhero costumes for videogame players], for Sony PlayStation. Both are activation-led and both are excellent brand experiences.

Gaston Legorburu
Gaston Legorburu

Gaston Legorburu
Worldwide chief creative officer
SapientNitro, Miami

Old Spice's extension of "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" into Twitter/YouTube: for its combination of wit, humor, impact and technological execution, and the speed at which it was done. Also for its ambition. It will go down as one of the largest viral-video campaigns ever launched.

Arcade Fire's "The Wilderness Downtown" [to show off Google's Chrome browser]: for its integration and involvement of the user at an extremely personal level.

What's the best use of social media you've seen?
On a conceptual level, I think smart social campaigns that go beyond just being social and actually bring the user into the experience will be big winners at Cannes. Three social campaigns I think did that well:

  • Topsy Foundation's "Selinah" [by Ogilvy in South Africa]. No special camera gimmicks or techniques -- just raw transformation caught on film. One of the most beautiful and haunting things I've ever seen. It made me donate instantly.

  • Dulux Walls' "Let's Color Project" [by Euro RSCG London]: a color movement that started with social media but motivated people to get out on to the streets to transform gray spaces into colorful paint. Truly inspiring.

  • [for American Recordings]: A living monument to Johnny Cash, using social media to motivate people from all over the world to contribute to Johnny Cash's final music video.

    Favorites from the U.S.:
    Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Super Bowl spot with Eminem ... reinvented one of our country's fallen cities. It showed balls and brilliance. The arrival of the 200 was more than a car launch; it marked a sense of pride and resurgence for a wounded city and industry.

    Droga5's work for Jay -Z in "Decoded." This great idea involved releasing the pages of Jay -Z's upcoming autobiography out in the real world. Through a collaboration with Bing, users could see all the pages that had been discovered across the U.S. It was a killer use of the digital meets physical worlds in a highly contextual way. All the places the pages were hidden were in context to what was said in the book. These places also gave fans a way to decode information about Jay -Z that can only be discerned through the meaning of all the locations and clues. I'm very, very jealous of this one.

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