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Ad Lib: Michael Wolff is in Cannes and he's not holding back (does he ever?)

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Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff Credit: Alfred Maskeroni

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A consummate media insider, journalist-provocateur-entrepreneur Michael Wolff shot into the public consciousness in January with the publication of his sensational peek inside the Donald Trump White House, "Fire and Fury."

Along with the rest of the advertising and media ecosystem, Wolff is in Cannes for the International Festival of Creativity, where he appeared in a panel with adman Jeff Goodby. On this episode of Ad Lib, recorded earlier this week on the Criosette, Wolff opens up about the book's runaway success, the nature of fame, understanding Trump and our collective fascination with conflict.

"I think that there's very little design with Donald Trump," says Wolff. "It all exists in the moment, and it is the instinct for how to get attention. And conflict turns out to be how you get attention."

And, says Wolff, "maybe we all have a Trumpian side. ... There is something about conflict that makes the day pass."

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