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Adobe's Ann Lewnes: 'Creativity Is at Risk'

Global Marketing Chief Chats With Ad Age in Cannes About Startling Finds of Recent Creativity Study

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Adobe recently conducted a study to get a feel for how creativity is viewed around the world and what it found was surprising. After polling some 5,000 citizens in a number of different countries, it was clear that the majority of people don't feel like they have creative abilities -- not just the ability to make music or draw, but also to think creatively and be innovative. Worse, they feel as though the workplace doesn't encourage any sort of creative thinking.

During the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity , Adobe's top marketer Ann Lewnes made a little time in between panel discussions and meetings with partners and agencies to chat with Ad Age about the study. She believes strongly that companies need to find ways to ensure that their focus isn't solely on being productive, and shouldn't make it seem as though creativity should be relegated to outside leisure time. She makes some recommendations for what companies can do to help their employees feel as though they have the latitude to work on new ideas.

For more on the study, see here.

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