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Shingy, digital prophet, wants you to be a little less digital

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David Shing
David Shing

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You may not have heard of David Shing, but chances are, you know Shingy.

The self-styled "digital prophet" at Oath – the Verizon-owned juggernaut that comprises AOL, Yahoo, the Huffington Post and some 50 media and b-to-b brands – is in Cannes on a mission that seems contrary to what a digital prophet is supposed to do: He wants people to dial down their reliance on their phones. There's too much attendant anxiety, he says. Too much shallow, useless "content" that's making us all miserable.

Shingy joined us for this pop-up Cannes-themed edition of the Ad Lib podcast, as he was en route to his keynote address. Here, we discuss tech dependence, Oath, 5G, living a bit more mindfully – and what exactly it is that he does.

Bonus: He stuck around to play a little game we at Ad Age call "Straight fire? Or total crap?" Check out the video above.

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