Cannes Lions 2005

The A List

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1 Real Simple

Parent: Time Inc.

Publisher: Robin Domeniconi

Managing editor: Carrie Tuhy

Ad pages1: 510.16, s 49.6%*

Total circulation2: 1,047,796, s 33.6%

Subscriptions: 727,131, s 30.7%

Single-copy sales: 320,665, s 40.7%

This savvy hybrid-a dab of next-generation women's service, a soupcon of Martha and a dash of Oprah-launched to puzzlement and scathing reviews in April '00. In short order it retooled under the guidance of Managing Editor Carrie Tuhy and took off like a rocket with readers. In '02, advertisers followed, earning it Ad Age's Magazine of the Year honor.


Parent: Emap

Executive publisher:

Dana Fields

Editor in chief: Scott Gramling

Ad pages1: 554.74, s 62.0%

Total circulation2: 1,056,587, s 28.6%

Subscriptions: 594,018, s 61.6%

Single-copy sales: 462,569, s 1.8%

Latecomer to the laddie party in the U.S. and sole survivor of Emap USA's spectacular implosion, FHM is holding its own just fine. Ask Jann Wenner, who stole Editor in Chief Ed Needham to reinvent Rolling Stone. But can FHM-which calls itself the most grown-up lad book, if such a notion computes-maintain under the leadership of Mr. Needham's former No. 2, Scott Gramling?


Parent: Conde Nast Publications

Publisher: Alexandra Golinkin

Editor in chief: Kim France

Ad pages1: 648.53, s 43.65%

Total circulation2: 779,521**

Subscriptions: 572,426

Single-copy sales: 207,095

Gleefully Seinfeldian-it's just shopping, after all- and single-minded in its focus, Lucky received more than one quizzical glance upon its launch. But its refreshingly casual take is hitting with readers and advertisers alike, even if some on-board from the start still claim un-Conde-like discount deals. Hey, when do the boys get their Lucky for Men, anyway?


Parent: Gruner & Jahr USA

Publisher: Julie Pinkwater

Editor in chief: Emily Listfield

Ad pages1: 705.68, s 38.62%

Total circulation2: 1,197,638, s 1.2%

Subscriptions: 850,971, t 1.5%

Single-copy sales: 346,667, s 8.5%

After two years significantly trailing competitors Shape and Self, Fitness exploded in '02. Newsstand sales and ad pages soared-helping boost overall results and morale at a post-Rosie G&J and making the evergreen women's health titles a horse race once more. The category's doubters may claim all its mags are the same-but then why was Fitness the only one with both newsstand and ad pages up?

5 transworld skateboarding

Parent: Time Inc.'s Time4Media

VP-Sales: Peter Ferraro

Editor: David Swift

Ad pages1: 2,164.76, s 16.07%

Circulation3: 170,000 s 16%

Assuming you believe the conventional wisdom, boys don't read, but even the conventional wisdom admits boys do skate. The A-List's only repeat from last year's Top 5, TransWorld Skateboarding continues to soar. It was No. 3 in ad pages among all magazines through September, outscoring all but People and Business Week. And suddenly TransWorld Skate's dramatic, photo-heavy books rival In Style for sheer tonnage.


Parent: Dennis Publishing

General Manager:

Mark MacDonald

Editor in chief: Greg Gutfeld

Ad pages1: 529.66, s 15.4%

Total circulation2: 1,170,555, s 19.9%

Subscriptions: 675,599, s 34.7%

Single-copy sales: 494,956, s 4.3%

Once Stuff Editor in Chief Greg Gutfeld engagingly described his magazine as "Maxim minus the self-help"; more recently he said, "We're not interested in being a better guy." Theoretically more gadget obsessed than its big sibling, Stuff is distinctive for sporting a dark, extremely sharp sense of humor not centered on body jokes-making it actually funny, unlike its competition, to non-frat boys.


Parent: Walt Disney Co.'s

Buena Vista Magazines

Publisher: Mary Beth Wright

Editor: Ann Hallock

Ad pages1: 452.54, s 6.15%

Total circulation2: 1,482,788, s 8.6%

Subscriptions: 1,448,697, s 9.1%

Single-copy sales: 34,091, t 8.4%

A dark horse in a parenting category that rarely receives much media attention in any event, and an easily overlooked cog in Disney's very big machine, Family-Fun has gradually grown into a real comer for the category, steadily climbing to 1.5 million in paid circulation and, though with a smaller base, doubling the ad page growth of the category's leaders.


Parents: Wenner Media,

Walt Disney Co.

Publisher: Victoria Lasdon Rose

Editor in chief: Bonnie Fuller

Ad pages1: 755.5, s 5.73%

Total circulation2: 1,065,589, s 16%

Subscriptions: 659,927, s 8.7%

Single-copy sales: 405,662, s 30.1%

Wenner's folly? Not anymore, even if it took slashing rate base shortly after launch, taking on Disney as a partner and bringing on Bonnie Fuller to work her newsstand mojo. Yes, no one will ever mistake Us Weekly for The New Yorker. Yes, its newsstand numbers are up. Yes, it's as entertaining as a sugar buzz. Yes, we are sort of ashamed to admit it. No. Actually, we're not.


Parent: Meredith Corp.

Publisher: Daniel Lagani

Editor in chief: Karol

DeWulf Nickell

Ad pages1: 1,383.25, s 4.87%

Total circulation2: 7,602,575, n flat

Subscriptions: 7,268,408, s 0.3%

Single-copy sales: 334,167, t 6.9%

Unhip, unfashionable-such adjectives are unfair to Meredith's blue-chip title. Last year, according to Ad Age, it was the only title among the industry's Top 10 in revenue to post positive results, and our money's on them repeating in '02. It will never set the world on fire, but few will ever deliver as steadily and substantially as this one-of-a-kind hybrid.


Parent: Washington Post Co.

Publisher: Gregory Osberg

Editor: Mark Whitaker

Ad pages1: 1,295.2, s 1.48%

Total circulation2: 3,248,097, s 1.6%

Subscriptions: 3,105,564, s 1.6%

Single-copy sales: 142,533, s 2.8%

It took a terrible year to make newsweeklies matter once again-to readers, that is. One of the pitfalls of the category was that advertisers did not follow where reader interest went. Newsweek, unlike all its competition, posted steady (if small) ad page gains starting in June-and, of course, there's also the National Magazine Award it claimed for general excellence.

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