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7 Remotely Entertaining video takeaways from Cannes

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Now that Cannes Lions 2018 has come to a close, it's time to connect the dots between the pre-festival predictions and the post-marathon revelations. In the latest installment of our 'Remotely Entertaining' series, we collected some of the videos Ad Age made at the festival for an easily digestible post-Cannes thought-scape to help you in that process.
—Alfred Maskeroni

KFC teams dissect 'FCK' and when they need
to drop a new Colonel on us

KFC has been a creative darling in the U.S. and across the pond, and at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity we got a chance to dissect the work with some of its key marketing and creative leaders.
—Ann-Christine Diaz

Should marketers care about app 'addiction'?

Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn and Tristan Harris, co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, joined Ad Age to talk about advertising and ethics. "There's a business model of addiction," says Harris. "Behind the screen, people don't realize there's a thousand engineers who know exactly how the user psychology works and who deploy different techniques to basically keep them hooked—not because they're evil or diabolical, but because there's only so much attention out there and to get it, you have to get more and more aggressive."

—Megan Graham

Shingy, a digital prophet, wants you to be a little less digital

Shingy, en route to his keynote address. joined us for a pop-up Cannes-themed edition of the Ad Lib podcast. We discussed tech dependence, Oath, 5G, living a bit more mindfully—and what exactly it is that he does. Bonus: He stuck around to play a little game we at Ad Age call "Straight fire? Or total crap?" (Find the podcast here).

—Brian Braiker

Hearst's Joanna Coles on diversity, online
dating and living offline

Joanne Coles, chief content officer at Hearst, executive producer on the Freeform series "The Bold Type" and author of the new book "Love Rules" is pretty damn busy. But in between panels she found the time to sit down with Ad Age to chat about her work—and her down time. Important to her creativity, she says, is "to have moments where I am doing nothing. [That's] when you tend to find ideas begin to percolate in the back of your head."
—Jeanine Poggi

The genius behind Apple's Lion contender 'Welcome Home,'
explained by
TBWA/MAL's creative chief

Ahead of presenting the campaign before the Titanium jury on Tuesday,Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity sat discussed how the film came to be, the creative spark infused by Jonze and FKA Twigs, and his ideas on making effective messages that resonate in popular culture. He also offered his thoughts on what makes the project—essentially, a film—Lion-worthy.
—Ann-Christine Diaz

3 female creative powerhouses from South Korea chat
about marketing for one of the world's biggest brands, Samsung

Kate Oh, Minah Kim and Victoria Lhie, three creative leaders from Cheil, South Korea, spoke with us about marketing for one of the world's most biggest brands, Samsung, whether it be with traditional advertising, CES showcases or the user experience for the company's sponsorship of another prominent world event, the Winter Olympics.
—Ann-Christine Diaz

Medialink's Michael Kassan on being 'freaked out'
when reading Ken Auletta's 'Frenemies'

"It turned out to be a journey for me," MediaLink's Michael Kassan said during a discussion the two held at Cannes. "If I'm honest, the first time I read a copy of the book, 'freaked out' would probably be a good description. … What I can say is it was a journey that on balance was really worth it."
—Megan Graham

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