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Live from the Riviera
3:30 PM ET (US), Jun 18, 2017
Carlton Terrace Watch

Meet Jean-Francois and Yannick. They manage the Carlton Terrace. It's early on in the week (Sunday), and in the night. Which might explain the pleasant looks on their faces and the fact that they had time to pose for this picture. We'll be checking back in as the days go by.

--Ann-Christine Diaz

2:00 PM ET (US), Jun 18, 2017
Jason Deland Is High on Cannabis -- in a Good Way

Jason Deland, founding partner of Anomaly, which has a stake in medical cannabis marketer Hmbldt called the drug "a force of creative destruction" at a Lions Health presentation Sunday -- but in a good way. Most hand raisers in the crowd at least initially were skeptical of it as a legit drug, but he gave it his best shot, including a personal testimonial.

"As I have gotten into cannabis, I have dove the past three years heavily into the homo-cannaboid relationship, which I believe to be one of the most critical biomechanical relationships in the history of humanity," Deland said. He outlined thousands of years of legitimate medical use, then noted athletes and jet-lagged executives who use cannabis as alternatives to addictive opioids. "I used to be addicted to whiskey and Vicodin so I could fall asleep," Deland said. "I lived in China for a couple of years and would come back late once a month to New York. And my doctor said, 'Jason, you should probably get off that,' and prescribed me Ambien. I never felt right on Ambien. Then I tried cannabis. It's the most effective sleep aid I have ever come across."

--Jack Neff

12:00 PM ET (US), Jun 18, 2017
Bonjour from Cannes

Salut! Greetings from the French Riviera.

Ad Age will be at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for the week and -- when our hands aren't too busy juggling canapés and goblets of rosé -- we'll be sending dispatches. Watch this space for a daily blog, which will be updated throughout each day — and given a new page every day. The #content here will consist of industry news nuggets, observations, overheards, yacht rock, photos of Sir Martin in shorts, bibs, bobs and breaks. It's nearly impossible to provide comprehensive coverage of something quite so sprawling and massive as Cannes, but we'll try to give you a sense of the seaside flavor here, the zeitgeisty je ne sais quoi.

The blog is the blog, though. Big stories — breaking news, exclusive Q&As and the like — will merit their own standalone spots on the site. As will our daily rundown of the winners. Surely you can find out who won the Grand Prix in cyber anywhere. But only here can you learn about it with our unique expertise, panache, context and did we mention rosé? Also whether you're reading this on the Croisette or in Colorado, we welcome any tips you may have. We're a team of six, dispersed throughout various yachts and brasseries in the area. But we aren't all seeing. If you hear something, say something: Send us a tip to our pop up email address: [email protected] — we slightly shudder to think what we'll find there, but then we'll be slightly shuddering all week anyway. Wish us bon chance.

--Brian Braiker

Photos of the Day
Cheers from #cannes2017! -- Lindsay Stein, Brian Braiker and E.J. Schultz
Just hangin' with Laura Dern in #cannes2017! -- Lindsay Stein, Brian Braiker and E.J. Schultz