You Need
To Know
Our annual report on the people behind advertising's best ideas (and top Cannes contenders). You'll find the pair known for elegantly weaving brand messages with social good, the team behind "Fearless Girl," the woman steering the U.K. hotshop 4Creative, the duo behind one of the year's most shocking ads, the polymath winning Pepsi for China and the identical twins behind "Meet Graham."
Photo credits: McQueen: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne; Tonge: 4Creative; Gumbiner and Wilson: McCann New York; Lok: Nicky Loh; Stokely and Zelcs: BBDO New York; McCauley and Farkas: 180 L.A.; Meet Graham: Transport Accident Commission; Acceptance Ring: Airbnb; The Fearless Girl: Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images; The Box That Keeps Giving: Godiva; Born Risky and We're the Superhumans: Channel 4; Monkey and Righ Here, Right Now: Pepsi; Band of Brands: Newcastle; Evan: Sandy Hook Promise; Boost Your Voice: Boost Mobile; We Can Do IT: University of Phoenix.

Web production: Chen Wu