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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Advice From Walmart, and Other Goop You Didn't Know

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Gwyneth Paltrow is the celebrity the internet loves to hate but Cannes loves to host. But in her second year of extensive appearances around the International Festival of Creativity, Paltrow gave more depth about how her lifestyle/media/cosmetics brand Goop works, including that she gets advice from Walmart's e-commerce guy. Here are four pieces of Goop you maybe didn't know, revealed during her appearance Monday at the OMD Oasis with the media agency's U.S. CEO Monica Karo.

She's as scared as everyone else

"I'm scared shitless all the time because the sands shift so quickly in e-commerce and digital media, and one day something works, and the next day it doesn't," she said. "One day one brand is buying media this way, and the next day they're not. It makes us have to always innovate."

She's getting bigger on data

"Until fairly recently I couldn't afford a BI [business intelligence] or analytics person," Paltrow said. "Now I have this gift of a woman, she's come in and been able to enter data you couldn't even dream of."

She knows what she doesn't know

"I'm fastidious in what I don't know or don't understand," Paltrow said. "No matter how much my team explains to me about Facebook pixels and why they're not firing, I'm like fuck off, I don't have a big enough brain to understand this."

She has mentors, including a guy from Walmart

"Last year I met Brian Chesky [CEO] of Airbnb," she said. "I e-mail him. I call him. I ask his advice. He's so incisive, so practical, so iconoclastic. Marc Lore [CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S.] is a new mentor of mine. He's obviously an e-commerce genius. He's incredibly helpful to me. …I have a business coach. It takes a village, as they say."

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