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Semen Testing App Nabs Cannes Lions Mobile Grand Prix

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WHAT IT IS: The Cannes Lions Mobile Jury bestowed the Grand Prix on Seem, an app from Recruit Lifestyle Co. that allows men to test their sperm quality with their mobile phones. The Seem system comes with a kit that includes a tiny lens that can affixed to a mobile phone. Men put a drop of semen on the lens, and the app will shoot video of the sperm and analyze it for count, concentration and mobility. Dentsu Y&R Tokyo also created the "The Family Way" short film promoting the system.

WHY IT WON: Jury president Andy Hood, head of emerging technologies at AKQA, said the jury noticed an increasing number of entries that were "looking at platforms and technologies and not thinking about what they allow you to do but…[but] are seeing how they can go deeper. They can find ways to subvert the technology, to use it to do something completely unexpected, unanticipated [that] technology may have never been designed for or imagined in the first place."

The jury also observed a lot of work showing creative talent directed toward solving or raising awareness for some of the world's biggest problems. "Our Grand Prix exemplifies this in terms of the use of technology and the improvement it will make in the lives it touches," he said.

NOTABLE MOMENT: Hood took it upon himself to answer the question on journalists' minds: Does it work? Apparently it does, according to the findings of juror Bradley Eldridge, partner and executive creative director at Soap Creative in Australia, who tested it out himself. "But did you leave the room?" asked Cyber Jury President and Wieden & Kennedy Chief Creative Officer Colleen DeCourcy, prompting laughs all around.

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