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Video Rant of the Week: Shut the Cannes Up

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So you got to go to Cannes, did you? Well, we know your brain is fuzzy from rosé, but don't forget that a lot of us aren't there. So quit rubbing our noses in it with all those Instagrams and Facebook posts. We get it. There's a lot of sun, fun and celebrity.

We really don't need to hear your ramblings about how exhausted you are. Your funny little tweets about "If this is Tuesday it must be R/GA" or "Who do I have to kill to get into the MediaLink party?" aren't so amusant to us. And if you've seen one Solange video, you've seen them all.

Next week you're back at work with us. So shut the Cannes up.

Produced by David Hall and Judann Pollack

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