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What Will Win at Cannes: Martin Mercado

Argentine Leader Sees Honors for Sainsbury's, Adobe, Leica and More

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Advertising Age and Creativity checked in with top agency creatives and execs around the globe to find out what's likely to take home the hardware at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The industry leaders also shared their opinions on what trends we'll be seeing and what the festival needs to get even better.

Martin Mercado
Martin Mercado

Argentine creative leader Martin Mercado, who opened Mercado McCann in September in Buenos Aires, gives us his bilingual predictions below (For original Spanish version, please scroll down).

Ad Age: What will win big this year?

Mr. Mercado: Sainsbury's "Christmas 1914" [by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO]. At a moment when the world was getting more used to seeing conflict, human values are saved. It also takes advantage perfectly of the context (the 100th anniversary of the "Christmas Truce" between the British and German soldiers during World War I) to show that what people really want, whatever their differences, is to live in peace.

Adobe's "25 Years of Photoshop – Dream On." What I like best is that it's a lovely commercial to watch because of the product's own benefits. Photoshop everything.

Women's Aid "Don't Turn a Blind Eye" digital billboard and "Hong Kong Cleanup/The Face of Litter" (using DNA testing to shame litterbugs). I really like these two ideas because they use technology for the common good, are very disruptive, and raise awareness with a very clear message.

Ad Age: What's the best work from your region?

Mr. Mercado: Favaloro Foundation "The Salt You Can See" [by Grey]. Argentina has tried different ways to combat excessive use of salt, but [colored salt] seems to be the most simple and effective way, or at least the most appealing.

Leica "100" [F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi]. It's a lovely tribute to the brand and the iconic photos that have stood out in the camera's 100-year history.

Ad Age: What does Cannes need more of?

Mr. Mercado: At times, a little more criteria and memory. Every year there are important campaigns that surprise us, both the idea and the execution. And fortunately new ideas will always appear. But there are also constructions or ads that seem to repeat themselves year after year. Often, the winners are a surprise, and not in a good way.

Ad Age: What does Cannes need less of?

Mr. Mercado: Sometimes the same work wins a thousand Lions because it was entered in so many categories. In general, these are good ideas, but there's often a snowball effect that ends up creating a phenomenon that's a little out of proportion. On the other hand, it's good to value building a brand through the years, but often the brand is bigger than the idea, and ends up winning because of its history.

Here are Mr. Mercado's predictions, as submitted in Spanish:

Ad Age: Que va a ganar a lo grande este ano?

Mr. Mercado: Sainsbury's "Christmas 1914." En un momento en que el mundo se acostumbró a ver más el conflicto, rescata los valores de la gente. Además aprovecha perfectamente el contexto (el 100mo aniversario de la "Tregua de Navidad" entre los soldados de la 1er Guerra Mundial) para demostrar que desde siempre, a pesar de cualquier diferencia, es más la gente que quiere vivir en paz.

Adobe "25 Years of Photoshop - Dream On." Este un comercial muy lindo para ver, y lo que mas me gusta es que eso lo lograron gracias al beneficio del producto, photoshopear todo.

Women's Aid "Don't Turn a Blind Eye" billboard digital y "Hong Kong Cleanup/"The Face of Litter." Estas dos ideas me gustan mucho porque usan la tecnología para un bien común, son muy disruptivas y logran concientizan a la gente con un mensaje muy claro.

Ad Age: Cual es el mejor trabajo de America Latina?

Mr. Mercado: Fundación Favaloro – "La Sal Que Se Ve." En Argentina se intentó de muchas formas combatir el problema con la sal, pero esta me parece la mas simple, efectiva, o por lo menos atractiva.

Leica "100" [F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi]. Muy bien logrado, es un lindo homenaje a la marca y a los fotos que marcaron estos 100 años. Me gusta.

Ad Age: Que necesita Cannes?

Mr. Mercado: A veces, necesita un poco más de criterio y memoria. Todos los años hay grandes trabajos que sorprenden, tanto por idea como realización. Por suerte, las ideas novedosas nunca van a dejar de aparecer. Pero también hay estructuras o avisos que parecen repetirse año tras año. Muchas veces, también sorprenden los ganadores, y no por las mejores razones.

Ad Age: Que necesita menos?

Mr. Mercado: A veces una misma pieza se lleva mil leones por estar inscripta en muchas categorías a la vez. En general, son buenas ideas, pero muchas veces se genera una bola de nieve que termina creando un fenómeno un poco desproporcionado.

Por otro lado, está bien valorar la construcción de una marca a través de los años, pero muchas veces las marcas se comen a las ideas, y terminan ganando por historia.

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