50 and Long

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Nike Apparel's "The Great Return" :60 sounds simple. A kid is running with a football, through a series of locations, and no one can tackle him till he runs into a pack of pros at the end of the spot. But this tour de force of camera technique, compliments of director Rupert Sanders, was designed to mimic the camera moves seen in a videogame like Grand Theft Auto; hence it required a very complex rig of 50 Canon DV cameras, arranged in twin horseshoes on a camera car, one horizontal and one vertical. As W+K writer Mike Byrne explains, "This is part of a campaign with the themeline 'Made to move,' so the idea was that this kid basically plays in seven different football games. We open on him returning a kickoff, then we follow him running through the various games. We wanted it to feel like the kid went all over town to play, much like a basketball player will do." With a highly mobile 50-camera rig, "we can be right on top of him, then suddenly behind him, then in front of him and so on." That was just half the fun. As Sanders notes, "the edit process itself was a logistical challenge, as we created over 500 hundred hours of footage, which had to be loaded into multiple Avids and finally reconformed in online." The result, however, is clearly a touchdown.

Client: Nike Apparel Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland CD: Hal Curtis CW: Mike Byrne AD: Monica Taylor Agency Producer: Andrew Loevenguth Director: Rupert Sanders/Omaha Pictures Editors: Rick Lawley, Neil Smith/The Whitehouse Music: Clint Mansell

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