A Mini Trio With Brio

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That's Canada for you: Gay marriage, the decriminalization of marijuana, opposed to the war on Iraq and endorsing a menage in a Mini. To the best of our knowledge, U.S. Mini work, though remarkably varied, is lust free. And here, for the Canadian market, we have a simple :15 in which a sex-glowing guy and girl suddenly pop up in the front seat of a Mini to remark on how roomy it is - then a second chick pops up in the backseat to agree. "For six months prior to the launch, we had a Mini sitting in our boardroom," explains Taxi CD Zak Mroueh. "Whenever someone got in, you should have seen the look on their face. They couldn't believe how spacious it was inside. The creative team simply brought that truth to life, in an irreverent, cheeky way."

Client: Mini Cooper Agency: Taxi, Toronto CD: Zak Mroueh AD: Alan Madill CW: Terry Drummond Agency Producer: Louise Blouin Director: Curtis Wehrfritz/Untitled Editor: Tim Kirkwood/Flashcut

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