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For the first time in its 81-year history, the New York Art Directors Club annual call for entries consists of a campaign rather than a single execution. And not just any campaign, but one-from Bozell, of all shops - that's a bit edgy even for this frequently far-out category. "This is probably the highest-profile assignment any agency could hope for," says Bozell/New York ECD and ADC board member Tony Granger. "We spent a long time staring at blank pieces of paper, knowing that every creative in the world will see our work. " The result is five rather startling scenes, centered around the idea that the awards book will so engross readers they'll lose track of time and neglect important duties. Like giving birth or getting off the toilet. The ads resemble hand-colored photographs, delicately finished in pale peaches and cool blues, which contrasts nicely with the bizarre images, which include a woman with an unheeded wasp crawling into her ear, and a mother seated in her kitchen, oblivious to the fact that her daughters are preparing to microwave the little family dog. The calls are copy-free, save for the entry deadline. "This is truly global advertising," says Granger, a South African native. "We were searching for communication that would transcend language, orders and cultures." The outrageous umbilical number, however, will not be seen in the States, according to ADC executive director Myrna Davis. "To some people, the baby didn't look alive," she says. "It just wasn't appropriate for the U.S."

Client: Art Directors Club Agency: Bozell/N.Y. ECD: Tony Granger GCDs: Kerry Keenan/Erik Vervroegen ADs: Erik Vervroegen/Soo Mean Chang/Molly Sheahan CW: Kerry Keenan Art Producer: Deborah Stotzky Photographer: Megan Maloy

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