A Sexier Side of Sears

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Seeking to shuck its stodgy image once and for all, Sears and Y&R/Chicago have pulled out the comedy stops with the aid of Hungry Man's Hank Perlman. In the best of three new spots, a woman is stunned by the beauty of her cute mechanic's blue-jeaned butt, as he works on her engine with a set of Craftsmen wrenches. She buys her ho-hum husband the very jeans and tools, and urges him to put the pants on - immediately. Another spot opens with a man giving his wife a diamond necklace. Cut to a party where the woman is surrounded by men gawking at her bare chest, but complimenting her necklace. In the next scene, the husband has bought her a black turtleneck. "Isn't this nice?" he says. A third spot features a teenage boy blasting music from a stereo. In the background, his parents start dancing. They're really getting down by the time the boy turns around, his eyes wide with embarrassment. A super pops up: "Satisfaction guaranteed." Next we see the boy listening to music on headphones and a portable CD player, his parents quietly minding their business.

Client: Sears Agency: Y&R/Chicago CCO: Mark Figliulo CDs: Dan Fietsam, Corey Ciszek CW: Hunt Baldwin AD: Dawn Dingman-Hall Agency Producers: Ellen Israel, Karim Bartoletti Director: Hank Perlman Production Co: Hungry Man Editor: Sean Berringer, Red Car Music: Asche & Spencer Sound Design: John Binder, Red Car

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