A Stirring Solution

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While Americans may soon no longer have to worry about pesky TV liquor ad regulations, SCPF of Barcelona recently dodged its country's TV booze ban by producing four spots that allude to the mixture of Kas soda with spirits - without suggesting it outright. Four peppy :10s tagged "And who do you mix with?" show either a lemon Kas Boy or an orange Kas Girl "mixing" with characters of different nationalities to symbolize different alcoholic beverages. A Scot in a skirt, clutching a stuffed sheep that doubles as a bagpipe, represents whiskey. A Cuban woman hugs the boy (a move known in some parts as a Cubana) to suggest rum; an Englishman stands in for gin; and a Russian, of course, is vodka. In each, the characters proudly announce their place of origin before getting intimate with the sodas.

Client: PepsiCo CDs: Toni Segarra, David Caballero, Pablo Monzon ADs: David Caballero, Javier Donada CWs: Toni Segarra, Allan Batievsky Agency Producer: Arantxa Roca Director/Editor: Allan Batievsky Production Co: Group Films

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