What's in a Name?

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Swedish telecommunications company Tele 2 has an inspired, English-language Euro-market comedy campaign based around the slogan, "The company that brings you small bills." This is demonstrated by big guys named Bill who behave like nasty bills, lying large and imposing on a desk, on the floor beneath a mail slot or hanging out of a mailbox - contrasted with small guys named Bill, who can be picked up and handled easily, while they pleasantly chat with their owners. It's a sufficiently intriguing concept to get us wondering what the service is all about, which goes quite unexplained, but we'll have to assume it's a well-known brand overseas. Nevertheless, the spots are so effective we were even thinking about them in the john.

Client: Tele 2 Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Stockholm CWs: Oscar Askelof, Martin Ringqvist AD: Silla Oberg Agency Producer: Charlotte Most Director: John O'Hagan/Hungry Man Editor: Lisa Gunning/Whitehouse, London

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