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Last issue we featured Bozell's outrageous Art Directors Club call for entries; now the ADC is back with an ad, from Hampel/Stefanides, that reveals the ages of a host of the industry's creative movers and shakers. Yikes! Could anything be edgier than this? "I guess not, if the people didn't know about it," says copywriter Sam Mazur. "The truth is they all gave us their birthdays." Headlined, "We were conceived before they were," the ADC, founded in 1920, is stressing its heritage. "I'm just impressed with the balls they showed by putting their ages out there for all to see," adds Mazur. "We all know this is a career that's notorious for its short shelf life, and maybe the 'bravery' of the people on this list will do a small part to help change that. But what the hell do I know? I'm 27."

Client: The Art Directors Club of New York Agency: Hampel/Stefanides CDs: Larry Hampel, Dean Stefanides CW: Sam Mazur AD: Jeff Cooper

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