Air Walk

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Yes, there are other fun ways to "Move" when you're not playing "Tag," as Nike demonstrates in "Going to School," a standout Canadian spot in which a very resourceful girl gets from her house to her classroom without ever setting foot on the ground. She hitches rides, uses fences, benches, trees and ladders, and the great editing makes it all seem smooth and easy. Moreover, Jeff Elmassian's music, which sounds like a cross between a kazoo band and a gamelan orchestra, is quirky-perfect. And kids: Think about the great time you can have combining this street technique with "Shade Running."

Client: Nike Canada Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CD/AD: Hal Curtis CW: Jonathan Cude Agency Producer: Shannon Worley Director: Gregor Nicholas/ Artists, Toronto Editor: Peter Wiedensmith/Joint Editorial Effects: Method Studios Music: Jeff Elmassian/Endless Noise

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